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HMD Kontro Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps
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HMD Pumps pioneered the sealless magnetic drive pump over sixty years ago. The HMD sealless magnetic drive design affords a wide range of operational benefits, alternative to traditional sealed pumps. Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps present absolutely no risk of emissions or leaks, which can harm productivity, employees and the environment. No seals to replace and streamlined components that are used across the entire Sundyne sealless pump product line, spare parts inventory can be kept at a minimum, helping to reduce your operating budget. The bottom line: using Sundyne sealless magnetic drive pumps in your workflow equates to maximized reliability and up time.

Marelli API 610 - ISO 13709 Pumps
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Marelli multi-stage pumps serve the refining, petrochemical, offshore, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) operations, floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) facilities, chemical and general industries requiring high-pressure and high-flow. Our proven pump technology meets API 610 11th Edition—ISO 13709 international standard specifies requirements for overhung, between-bearings and vertically-suspended centrifugal pumps. 

PPI Pressure Products Industries Diaphragm Sealless Compressors
Pumps and Compressors | Speciality Products

PPI-Pressure Products Industries sealless reciprocating diaphragm compressors deliver non-contaminating compression of any gas. Our factory in the United States has been engineering and manufacturing leak free compressors for over sixty years. They meet the highest industry standards for sealless positive displacement.

Sundyne Compressors
Pumps and Compressors | Speciality Products

Sundyne process gas compressors have been in critical services for decades delivering highly engineered performance for a wide range of applications.    Recognized across the process industries for their rugged reliability, Sundyne centrifugal compressors feature specialized three-dimensional blade geometries that deliver premium aerodynamic efficiency; making them extremely useful for floating production, storage and off-loading platforms (FPSO), compressed natural gas transport, heavy-duty service in oil and gas refining as well as petrochemical and chemical production. 

Sundyne Corporation
Pumps and Compressors | Sealless Pumps

PUMPS - High Speed & Pressure API Pumps for Low Flows & High Head for Tough Services Including: Refining, Gas & Chemical Processing and General Industrial Application

COMPRESSORS - High Speed Process Gas Compressors, Compact Size, Ease of Maintenance, API Design available

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