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Holbrook and Associates supplies and services a wide variety of industrial, commercial, manufacturing and power equipment from many manufacturers.
spx120 SPX Cooling Technologies
MARLEY Water Cooling Towers and Fluid Coolers, Factory Assembled or Field Erected & Control Systems including VFD
CERAMIC CT – Air Cooled Condensers and Heat Exchangers, Water Conservation Cooling Towers
RECOLD DIVISION – Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Forced Draft Cooling Towers
XCEL ERECTORS – Cooling Tower Repair, Rebuild, Erection and Maintenance Service
SPX-Heat SPX Heat Transfer
Ecolaire & Yuba brands: Steam Surface Condensers, Steam Jet Air Injectors, Geothermal Surface Condensers, Advanced Direct Condenser and Turbine Isolation Dampers.
Feedwater Heaters
Condenser Refurbishments, Thermal Performance Upgrades, Life Extensions, Parts & Services and Engineering Studies.
Tranter Heat Exchangers Tranter Inc
SUPERCHANGER® Plate & Frame Alloy Heat Exchangers
PLATECOIL® Carbon Steel & Alloy Heat Transfer Panels, Standard & Custom – Single or Double Embossed Units
MAXCHANGER® – SUPERMAX™ – ULTRAMAX™ All Welded Alloy Plate Heat Exchangers.
Sundyne Pumps & Compressors SUNDYNE CORPORATION
PUMPS – High Speed & Pressure API Pumps for Low Flows & High Head for Tough Services Including: Refining, Gas & Chemical Processing and General Industrial Application
COMPRESSORS – High Speed Process Gas Compressor for 50-10,000 CFM Flows & Pressure Ratios of 20:1, High & Low Temperature Capabilities, Compact Size, Ease of Maintenance, API 617 & 614 Design available
Spencer Turbine Pressure Blowers, Vacuums and Exhaust THE SPENCER TURBINE COMPANY
Multi & Single Stage Pressure Blowers & Exhauster with Flows to 20,000 CFM, Pressures to 15.5 psi & Vacuums to 13” Hg Specials – High Temperature & Pressure, Gas-Tight Boosters etc., Regenerative & Positive Displacement Blowers Central & Portable Vacuum Systems for Industrial, Institutional & Commercial Use, Tubing & Fittings.
Hartzell Fans, Propellor, Ventilators, Air & Heating HARTZELL AIR MOVEMENT
GENERAL VENTILATION: Propeller Fans, Wall & Roof Ventilators, Cool Blast Fans, Centrifugal Exhausters PROCESS: Axial Flow Fans, Centrifugal, DWDI, Plug Fans, Duct Fans, Square Centrifugal Fans, Bin Vent FIBERGLASS: Wall & Roof Ventilators, Axial, Centrifugal, Shutters, and Dampers. MAKE-UP AIR & HEATING: Steam & Gas Fired Units, Door Heaters SPECIALS: MARINE, NAVY & MINE DUTY: Axial, Vaneaxial, Booster Fans. OEM Fans
Parkson Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Sludge Dryers PARKSON CORPORATION
Technologies for Water & Wastewater Treatment & Handling Agency Environmental Inc.; American Bulk Conveying, Inc.; Great Lakes Environmental; Hycor Products; Lanco Environmental; Nordic Water Products; Lamella® Settlers; DynaSand® Filters; Strain Press® Sludge Cleaner; THERMO-SYSTEM Solar Sludge Dryers; AQUA GUARD® Bar Screens; ROTO-GUARD® Screening Drum; MAGNUM® Continuous Belt Filter Press.
Lakos HVAC Applications & Industrial Applications
Lakos Separators, Removal of Grit, Sand Filters LAKOS SEPARATORS USA
Centrifugal Filtration Separators for Removal of Grit & Scale for a Wide Variety of Solids-From-Liquids Applications Cooling Tower Sand Filters with Stainless Steel & FRP Construction of Completely Packaged Systems
littleford_140 LITTLEFORD
Littleford, a recognized leader for the supply of Mixers, Dryers and Reactors offers unmatched technical expertise & products for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental, plastic, and other industries.
Global Metal Solutions is a leader and innovative supplier in design, fabrication, and erection of stainless steel tanks, stacks, columns, evaporators, hoppers, spheres, towers, vessels (process and storage), and weldments.
FRC’s products and services include complete treatment systems, replacement equipment, ancillary equipment, facility upgrades and equipment retrofits.

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